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Debbie Barrett, PES

� Have a physical copy of your resume and the job description in front of you during the call.
� Review Company's website closely and know what the company does.
� Don't talk negatively about your past company.
� Answer the phone stating your name "This is ..."
� Smile. Smiling when you speak brings energy and excitement to your voice.
� Market yourself. Assume the role of "seller" during the interview. If you sell your skills and abilities effectively, the listener sees value in bringing you in for an interview.
� Stress the skills that you have that they are looking for based on the job description.
� Have an answer ready. Be prepared to answer the "tell me about yourself" request early on; keep your answer to two minutes.
� Make sure to tell the interviewer that you are interested in the job and ask her what the next step is.
� Say thanks. Express your appreciation for the time spent with you.
� Send a quick note of thanks via email.

Phone Interview - Tips For Success

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